Sell Your Bus in UAE

Sell Your Bus

Sell your bus to us or exchange it in another bus or car. We have big stock of used buses and we are continuously buying buses from the market, from companies who are trying either to replace their bus or completely get rid of it. Mainly interested in commercial vehicles and we waiting for your call .

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How to sell your bus?

To make it very easy just visit our site , leave a whatsapp message or an email inquiry and we will entertain your inquiry in a good way. Kindly give us your full details about your bus or car like type of vehicle, year model, country of origin, mileage & condition.What information we need to give you a very quick answer and understand what you want to say and why you want to sell your bus?

We buy the following brands of buses with special rates.

Ashok Leyland

Toyota Coaster

Toyota Hiace

Daewoo Bus


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