Oil Change in Dubai and Sharjah

Oil Change

Oil change defines the life an automobile engine. If you love your car or bus, take care of its oil and filter regular change. Oil change is always periodic but in most cases even the mileage is very important. As per our experience car or bus oil should be changed after one month if the car or bus is on standby or after two months if the car of bus is covering low mileage. But, the it should be repeated if you are getting above 4500 kilometers if you reach to this mileage in one week and after 5000 kilometers if you reach to this mileage in three days time.

What is Oil change?

Oil Change means lube oil replacement inside the car or bus engine. Car oil replacement is the most important activity for the car owner or driver. The lubricants used in the car or bus, to keep the engine smooth, are getting ineffective and rusty after a while and needs to be replaced by fresh oil. Researches have proved that the more you take care of your engine the more it will give you ease on the road. Car or bus engine is in need of good quality of engine oil replacement on regular basis.

oil change
Car engine oil change

History of lubricants in car engine

The concept of ‘lubricating oils‘ or lubricants is said to be taken from the time when humans started to use machine or liver or even tools. Human being also uses oil to keep his body soft and the bones relaxed. According to records, olive oil was used to move stone or lumber in constructing colossal buildings in ancient times. Since then tallow which is animal fat was used as lubricant in the wheel axes of trams.

What is oil filter?

An oil filter is a filter that is designed to remove contaminants, rust particles and other solid materials from engine oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil, or hydraulic oil. Oil filters are used in many different types of hydraulic machinery. Gas turbine engines, such as those on jet aircraft, also require the use of oil filters. Oil filter must be changed after 2 months or max 6000 kilometers mileage or whatever comes first.

Car oil filter
Car oil Filter

When you should you change your car or bus oil?

You must keep record of your mileage and also time when did you last changed the oil of your car. Sometimes, you don’t get more mileage but you take months and you must change the oil of engine if these are more than two months old. Always try to use thin type of oil so that it may not make big gaps inside your car engine. The maximum mileage for your car oil is 5,000 Kilometers.

Where to get the oil of your car or bus?

You must change the oil for your car or bus with professional mechanics in a registered and well equipped auto garage. If you get the oil in a place where they don’t give any bill may use low quality of lubricants and may easily destroy your car engine.

How much oil Change cost?

Normally, petrol engine small cars cost AED 100 per oil  along with the filter change. Big and 4×4 cars may cost you AED 250 per oil replacement or even more.

A petrol engine  bus 30 seater  costs AED 150 while a diesel will be AED 180 per oil and filter change. 67 seater buses cost more AED 450 per oil and filter.

What are the other types of oil ?

There is Gearbox Oil, Steering Oil, Hydraulic oil & Brake oil.

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