Car Garage

Car Garage Car garage simply means a place where we keep our car but in our terminology we mean a car repair garage or car repair shop or center. We also call it an auto garage or auto repair shop. In some dialects it is also called a workshop or car repair workshop. Sama Al […]

Car AC

Car AC Car AC repair, car ac gas filling and car ac maintenance in the heart of Sharjah. We serve your car with modern machines and well experienced ac technicians. We are the leading bus AC repair and replacement center in Sharjah. Keyword Min search volume Max search volume car ac repair 100 1,000 car […]

car recovery

Car Recovery Car recovery service is mandatory for a standard car garage or bus repair shop. We at Sama Al Jazeera Auto Maintenance is proud to claim that we have all types of road side assistance including our car towing service. If you find your car broken down, get relaxed and call us. We send […]