Auto Repair Sharjah

Auto Repair

Auto Repair means maintenance of a vehicle under the supervision of a specialist auto technician.  Our car repair services are available throughout the day. We have the best auto repair services for you in the town. Our services are mainly mechanical due to the highest demand in the market. The second category is the AC work that we call Car AC Repair. We work in the following main categories .

Mechanical Works

Gear, engine, radiator, brake and clutch work is called mechanical work.

Electrical Works

Electrical wiring, circuits, relays, switches, lighting, horn, main switch and engine motor come under electrical work in a repair workshop.

AC Repair

AC compressor, AC piping network, thermostats, condenser, air ducts and filters come under Car AC maintenance

Bus AC Repair

In a bus the AC system is quite different from cars. A Bus AC is usually coming with separate engine or may be separate coordination system. Bus AC mainly depend on compressor , plant, top cooling system on the floor.

A Car Tire Repair :

We repair your car tyres anywhere in Dubai , Sharjah and Ajman. Our mobile auto repair shop is always on a stand bye.

We work for Ashok Leyland, Daewoo, Toyota , TATA, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, KIA, Honda, Mercedes, BMW, Volvo etc.


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